Customers are interacting with an organization through multiple channel, various mediums, touch points like email, mobile app, social media etc. Greater and engaged customer experience needs consistency throughout the organizational deliverables. End to end integration in organizational functions and operations from the point of view of the customer can create consistency to enhance customer experience. And “One View of the Customer” for multichannel and touch point integration can bring in the required consistency and efficiency.

Focus on “One view of the Customer” can additionally support organizations to understand customer behavior to design end-to-end customer journeys which have consistency and greater engagement with the customer. And, it will have impact on key metrics such as sales, repeat purchase rate etc.

So, what is “One view of the Customer” for an organization?

Essentially, “One view of the Customer” is a holistic, consistent aggregation and summation of customer data by an organization to understand customer behavior.

And the challenge is magnitude of data to be handled, silos across the organization to be aligned with a focus on end customer. The organizational focus on individual touch points rather than the cumulative customer experience is further adding to the woes. For instance, focus on designing and delivering services across individual touch points – for example conversation with call centre representative, visit to website or visit to a brick mortar store can hamper the overall customer satisfaction in the long run due to inefficiencies pouring in with lack of consistency.

Research confirms that customer satisfaction is higher when the focus is on entire journey than on the individual touch points and is significantly more strongly correlated with business outcomes such as revenue, churn, and repeat purchase.