Upcoming Open workshop for SME/Startup to “Increase your customer base” by Driving Customer Success through Customer Experience Management is in Delhi/NCR on 22nd of November, 2019

Customer Experience Management through unique approaches. Our endeavour is to ‘Pioneer building excellence in Customer Experience Management’ .

We drive business excellence through stellar Customer Experience Management by re-designing a winning Customer Experience (CX) Strategy, activating Customer Centric Culture across the organization and prioritizing on key metrics of Customer Success through Customer feedback, Customer Journey Mapping and Consumer research.

Customer Experience Management aids your growth by creating differentiation to make your CUSTOMERS stay with you and enhance operational efficiencies.

We intend to enrich and inspire our culture with customer sensitivity and focus through simple techniques as is Pink Guava, the humble fruit. Pink Guava in spite of its extraordinary richness and its origin in specific regions, is food to a common man and stands for its unique flavor and fragrance which indeed is a powerhouse of nutrients.

Likewise, as Pink Guava Consultants, we stand for uniqueness and excellence in our offerings to our clients in Customer Experience Management. . As a team, we are a unique combination of two women professionals from diverse fields of Research, Customer Engagement and Business Process Management. We come together as an enthusiastic team and combine the varied knowledge and experience of more than 30 plus years.

Our Offerings to support your Customer Experience Journey


We develop customer centric culture through interactive sessions and workshops.


We partner to drive Customer Success and transform business results through in-depth study of operating model & framework.


We support you to understand and map the Consumer behavior,Feedback ,Engagement and Satisfaction level for enhanced experiences

The Customer’s Perception is your Reality
— Kate Zabriskie