Connect, Improve and Excel


If you already have a customer success team and full fledged action in place but feel your team needs some advice or mentoring on best practices or a review of the strategy they are proposing for improved customer engagement, having troubles making business cases or getting these approved, we can assign a senior Pink Guava consultant to you who would be your 3 a.m friend to guide you through the problems.




This is a 1 day class room interactive training on basic concepts of customer awareness. After this training you can expect an understanding of who your customer is, what it means to be customer centric and its benefits. This day provides not just conceptual knowledge but practical application of these concepts to your specific business environment and concrete take aways.

Audience : Anyone who is planning a career in customer success/ customer oriented roles, currently leading or part of customer success teams.

Advantage : We do these trainings for organizations to bring customer focus and align entire organization to business goals that include customer engagement.




In this 3-4days workshop we cover the basics of customer centricity, customer segments/personas and customer journey mapping tool and techniques. These workshops are thoughtfully designed very specific to your business needs and environment. At the end of this workshop audience will know exactly how to create customer journey maps and use it for business excellence through improved customer engagement.

Audience :We recommend individuals who are looking for making a career in customer success, customer success professionals looking for practical tools in their current role.

Advantage : Organizations can take this as not only a step to have knowledge of new tool but this workshop comes as an aid to create a small team of customer ambassadors who champion the focus and also bring cohesion across diverse teams.

Special Programs

A. Institutes


This is half a day workshop specifically designed for students treading on the path of becoming entrepreneurs , executives etc. It is an interactive session on Customer Engagement with role-plays, case studies, activities etc.

B. NGOs / Early Startups

We love to partner with NGOs and support start up India initiative. Through this half day program we want to reach out to small scale enterprises/entrepreneurs and provide them simple tools and techniques to help them understand and manage their customers.

C. Women Empowerment

We invite all women entrepreneurs and professionals in various growth stages to step up their game through this very critical skill of Customer Engagement and how to beat the stereotypes associated in business world. This program is a 1 day interactive Workshop on Beating Stereotypes and Customer Engagement.