Without Data you’re just another person with an Opinion
— W. Edwards Deming


Through Consumer Research, we support you for a greater Customer Experience Management  through customised approaches to understand/map your customer's and other stakeholders preferences, engagement, attitudes, loyalty, satisfaction and behavior .

Its a invaluable tool, and we use it to provide objective information that you can use to craft Customer Strategy, Customer Experience, Product innovation, marketing programs etc for greater business outcomes and their Success.

We follow 4D (Discover, Define, Design and Deliver ) approach for Consumer Research while collecting data through Individual Interviews, Focus groups and Online or Telephonic Surveys.

Pink Guava Consulting (4D Apparoach ) for Consumer Research

Pink Guava Consulting (4D Apparoach ) for Consumer Research

Our Programs,


CSAT has been the most commonly used and oldest technique in system, yet businesses are struggling to show improvement as the outcomes are mostly misleading. Inspite of high CSAT scores, customer retention is a biggest challenge. Wonder Why? Our findings suggest three big concerns: in how this tool is being used: 

• Focus is more on our product and process gaps rather than customer experience

• Sampling of audience for survey and sharing final outcomes is not thought through and is‘one size fits all’approach.   

• No clear action planning directed towards customer success.

If you can relate to above problem statement, Pink Guava can collaborate with you and together we can make CSAT a more relevant tool that shows postive trends in your business with greater customer success. We design comprehensive Csat programs also utilising Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Customer Effort Score (CES), NPS (Net promoter score) etc to assess expectation/experience deliverables, advocacy with focus on Emotional Drivers to purchase like Trustworthiness; respect; empathy etc.


Stakeholder Engagement research  is done to evaluate engagement and develop stakeholder management strategy for effectively managing stakeholders - Customers, Employees, Channel Partners and others in an organization / project. 

At Pink Guava Consulting we engage with your organisation to understand the business dynamics and structure a study  to map stakeholders needs, expectations, engagement and actual experiences for your success.

We do it by,

1. Stakeholder mapping through a thorough stakeholder analysis to identify key stakeholders  by identifying and examining key factors demographics, interest in the organization/ project, needs and concerns, expectations and so forth.

2. Determining the influence of the stakeholder on the organization/project which can be high, medium or low predicting and indicating the ability the stakeholder to change project outcomes.

3. Identifying the triggers for effective engagement for a positive outcome.

It’s important to identify and engage with stakeholders to create opportunities and positive perceptions for the organization/project.