Customer Journey Mapping for Customer Experience Management in a legacy learning organization


A legacy organization that is providing learning solutions in digital and print across the major economies for varied customer segments including professional, fresh graduates, students and so forth.

The organization had a dedicated print solutions catering to wide range of customer segments since decades. With advent in times, it also started providing digital learning solutions.

Key strength of the organization had been dedicated teams, products, solutions and a continuous research work to add value to its customers through digital and print learning solutions.


Increased competition and digitization needed newer customer experience strategies to engage with customers for greater agility and thus intimacy, specifically for digital products. Customer retention was identified as key problem area for this product line.


It was important to derive customer perspective that could also be integrated with not only sales and marketing strategy but also product development strategy. It was suggested that we needed a way to identify their customer segments and current mechanisms used in product strategy.

The roundtables and interviews with stakeholders helped get an initial understanding. The organization was already matured in product development stage and had some informal mechanisms to understand user response.

The various teams were occupied meeting their deliverables and very dedicated towards their goals, however, there was a need to align them to overall organizational objective and work more collaboratively to decide future strategies.

A group that was a mix of key decision makers and doers from all departments was identified as a pilot group to champion this program as a team.

Since the team was fairly new to the concept of customer experience and tools and techniques, a workshop model was finalized and Customer Journey Mapping was tool that would be considered to draw the appropriate customer expectations gap.

Recommendations & Outcomes

Customer Journey Mapping is an important tool to comprehend, understand the present state of customer experience at an organization as also put across the evolving behavior and needs basis the expectations. It supports to identify the opportunity areas for concrete actions to drive discussions and thus align strategies with the organizational vision.

Insights for different customer segments/personas journey along the different touch points in the organization were gathered. It supported to create a comprehensive strategy to manage customer experience and present a road map with specific outcomes in line with the organizational vision.

Following it, the organization built a 360-degree view of consumer insight, created customer service recovery solutions and mechanism for feedback and insight sharing across the organization breaking the silos functioning. This helped them create a roadmap to build more avenues while simplifying the existing processes for consumers to engage.

Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) is an incredible tool for differentiating through customer experience in the marketplace. Apart from traditional surveys, customer journey maps can enhance engagement, bring in innovative approaches to ease customer effort and thus enhance customer advocacy and loyalty.