Startups Increase their Consumer Base with CX Strategy

Startups Increase their Consumer Base with CX Strategy


An early stage startup in highly competitive market of providing cheap flight tickets globally. It has a dedicated team focused to bring value to travelers with a single line mission of ‘allow users to search, compare and book cheap air tickets globally”.

It is a fairly new, little over a year old and is currently operational with an interactive and informative website along with social media pages. They offer:

Great prices for key locations across the world

Popular locations covered with a greater choice to the customer

User friendly with prices in different currency


As an early stage startup this organization is very proactive in marketing and organized popular events locally to create initial attention to portal. It is evident they are not shy in making an investment, be it social media pages or creating multiple channel access for its customer’s ease and comfort.

The problem at hand is that their current consumer base is restricted to limited geography (Europe) and is looking for ways to make it truly global with their consumer base in other geographies too (Asia).

The need of the hour is putting a long-term strategy for growth in business that is sustainable and customer centric.