Customer Delight Strategies for Customer Experience Management, July 2018

This white paper( summary slide), through our research findings, talks about Customer Delight as a concept in travel industry.

Our endeavour is to showcase how organisations especially travel aggregators could use consumer research as a tool to transform their business outcomes.

Takeaways from the research

Expectations are considerably high, and a lot of work and synchronisation is  being done by travel aggregators. A holistic approach to work towards enhanced customer experience is the key differentiator for success.

•Standing up and delivering to the brand promise

•Transparency with prices and quality can elevate trustworthiness

•Discounts are helpful in enhancing CX but not a sole driver to generate customer advocacy

•Personalize Offerings, product/solutions or websites and other channels/interaction points catering to needs per age groups or genders.

•Focus on Customer service and communication support improvements for greater ease to customer.