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How can Customer Satisfaction Studies support Business [5 Critical Ways]

How can Customer Satisfaction Studies support Business [5 Critical Ways]

Do you have a comprehensive Customer Satisfaction program (CSAT program) to enhance and support your business? Your answer can be “ Yes” or “No” , but it makes a compelling case to consider,

-          What are you doing to understand if your product/service is meeting customer expectations and the perceived value they draw from it?

-          Are you considering how occasional feedbacks are helping you to strategize and plan your deliverables? Or

-          Are your Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) studies helping you to gather a holistic picture and insights to create a competitive edge for your business?

-          Are your Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) or feedbacks supporting you to retain your customers?

-          How many customers make a conscious choice of buying from you and making sure that they bring their peers along?

 If your answer to most of these questions is "NO", it's a high time that you consider a CSAT program to support your strategy, decision making, and your business "Unique Value Proposition or USP".

5 reasons why you need “Customer Experience Management”

5 reasons why you need “Customer Experience Management”

How many times customer view/feedback about your product/service help you to enhance sales? Did you ever feel in your work that a personalized connection goes a long way to retain a customer? How many times you felt overwhelmed with information flow and data to use it for your advantage to create an edge for your product/service. If your answer is consistently “No” for above questions, then you need a rethink. Even if your answer is “Yes”, there is a constant learning on customer experience management to use it support your business.

Customer Experience Management is how customers engage with your company and brand, not just in a snapshot in time, but throughout the entire arc of being a Customer. So it’s a customer for you when he is researching for his need for a product/service, and then evaluating a product/service provider followed with sales and after sales purchase.

Every organization irrespective of its size and business are in the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE business, and how an organization delivers for customers is as important as what it delivers.

We list five major reasons on why your brand/organization needs “Customer Experience Management”.

Read this to know how to have exponential customer base for your new product/portal through Customer Experience!

Read this to know how to have exponential customer base for your new product/portal through Customer Experience!

If you are a part of product startup team, whether you are an area developer or a founder, you find yourselves pulled into a biggest concern and that is finding ways to add good number of users. There is always this constant struggle to choose between investing on the product engineering or branding/marketing. If you are a funded company it gets even worse as we have eyes on quick revenue to justify the cost.

So how do we come about the effective way to grow substantially?

Customer Experience for the big Launch of your Product

Well, the answer is simple; one has to be a stand out in the market, leading the way amongst all comptetitors in their particular product or service stream.

Customer Experience Trends for Organisations in India- 2019

Customer Experience Trends for Organisations in India- 2019

Last two years have been a time of reckoning for organisations in India. From a dull period after demonetisation, GST implementation along with newer challenges spurring in each and every sector, 2018 saw growth enhancing for the organisations to cheer. This is also creating a momentum for customer experience management where organisations have been working to find out what does it mean for their individual journeys when they have customers with more expectations, shorter attention spans who are intrinsically connected all the time and thus communicating more about their experiences.

In this blog, we are summarising some of the Trends for organisations in India which we have accrued over the year while working & interacting with some of the Customer Experience (CX) experts in leading organisations including Start-ups in India. This blog also is summarising the takeaways from a small study entitled “Customer Experience Trends and Practices for 2018” under whose aegis we also shared some insights on our social media pages( on trends/practices that have worked for customer experience management in India.

We found that for most of the organisations in India,


When globally, 75% of companies want to work on customer experience, it is becoming a long term value creation model which is sustainable, equitable and shall build gains for all together.

  • Top management alignment/greater focus for Customer Experience Strategy
    Customer Experience Strategy comes through the customer focused culture. Thus, top management with an infectious attitude towards creating a powerful customer experience can lead a company towards growth and financial success. Forrester reported this year that the top three challenges for a customer experience program include organizational culture (54%), organizational structures (45%), and processes (41%), and thus more focus on internal customer.



Customer Experience Management through customer insights supports evidence based decision making to create value both for the customers and the business. In this digital age, Customer insights become more valuable as it aids to further the engagement and deepen the relationship between the organization and the customer.

Customer insights can support your business,in